Meet our Head Chef at Old Fashioned Cravings!

Hi! I’m Dr. Hailee: Orthodontist by Day, Culinary Enthusiast by Night

A Passion for Smiles and Savory Delights

Dr. Hailee, the heart and soul of Old Fashioned Cravings, is a unique blend of a healthcare professional and a culinary aficionado. By day, she is a dedicated orthodontist, crafting beautiful smiles with precision and care. By night, she transforms into a culinary artist, passionately creating dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Journey from Orthodontics to the Kitchen

Dr. Haileeā€™s journey into the culinary world began in her own kitchen, driven by her love for cooking wholesome meals for her family. Her dual passion for healthcare and cooking sparked the idea of blending nutritious eating with traditional recipes. This led to the birth of Old Fashioned Cravings, a platform where she shares her unique perspective on food that nurtures both body and soul.

Philosophy in the Kitchen

Her philosophy in the kitchen revolves around the belief that eating healthy should never compromise on taste. Dr. Hailee meticulously crafts each recipe to ensure it’s packed with nutritional value without skimping on the flavors we all know and love. Her expertise in health brings a unique dimension to her recipes, making them a perfect blend of delicious and beneficial.

A Source of Inspiration

Dr. Hailee’s innovative approach to cooking has inspired many to view their kitchen as a place of endless possibilities. Her recipes are more than just instructions; they are invitations to explore, experiment, and enjoy the art of healthy cooking. From comforting entrees to indulgent desserts, her creations cater to all palates while keeping health at the forefront.