10 Foods You Never Knew Could Explode in Your Kitchen!

Believe it or not, your kitchen is a potential minefield when it comes to explosive foods. While cooking mishaps are common, few people are aware that certain foods can actually explode if not handled properly.

Here’s a list of 10 such foods that might surprise you:


When cooked in a microwave, if not properly pricked beforehand, the steam inside can build up and cause an explosion.


Similar to potatoes, whole eggs can explode in the microwave or when boiled if they are not pierced to release steam.


When roasted or fried, the water inside chillies can turn to steam and cause them to burst, potentially sending hot seeds flying.

Canned Goods

If heated directly on a stove or fire, cans can explode due to the pressure buildup inside, leading to dangerous shrapnel and hot contents.

Glass Jars

Not a food itself, but containing foods like jams or preserves, glass jars can explode if heated unevenly or quickly, due to internal pressure changes.

Sealed Jars in Hot Water

Canning at home requires caution. Sealed jars that are heated too quickly in a canning process can burst under pressure.

Deep-Fried Frozen Foods

When water content in frozen foods meets hot oil, it can cause a violent reaction, leading to splattering or even an oil explosion.

Popcorn Kernels

They’re supposed to pop, but improperly heated kernels can explode forcefully and send hot pieces flying.

Pressure Cooker Foods

If not used properly, pressure cookers can turn ordinary foods into dangerous projectiles due to the high pressure built up inside.

Aerated Drinks in the Freezer

Placing carbonated drinks like sodas in the freezer can lead to them exploding as the liquid expands when it turns into ice.

While cooking is generally a safe activity, being aware of these potential dangers can help you take the necessary precautions to prevent unexpected kitchen disasters.

Always follow safety guidelines, especially when handling foods known for their explosive potential!

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